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Are you craving your favorite Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialties?

We’ll ship you everything you need for the perfect Mezze platter! Your purchase directly supports three small, local businesses!


'Burgh Bits and Bites Mezze Platter Box

  • From Pitaland in Brookline

    • 10oz container of garlic hummus
    • 10oz container of roasted red pepper hummus 
    • pita bread, package of 10

    From Salonika Imports in Lawrenceville

    • the tour favorite, feta cheese
    • an assorted selection of olives
    • 10oz container of tzatziki
  • Shipping costs may vary.

    Your products are packaged safely and individually for the box.
    (Plates in photo are not included).

    If you’re local, save on shipping costs and conveniently pick up your box at Salonika Imports in Lawrenceville. Onsite parking is available.

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