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Tour Guide Emeritus


Gabe is a life-long Pittsburgh resident who taught for over 30 years in the Pittsburgh Public School system as a homebound teacher for special needs students. Since retirement, Gabe has pursued his interest in the history and architecture of Pittsburgh through his involvement with Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation (PHLF).​

Sylvia and Gabe initially met while conducting a PHLF tour. She encouraged him to become involved in the Strip food tours. The unique quality of these food businesses appealed to Gabe for many reasons, one being: "I have a great time giving these tours, it brings back fond memories of my grandfather who owned a grocery store and would visit the Strip to buy goods."

Gabe is married to Karen and has a son, Paul, a daughter, Amanda, and three grandchildren.

"The more you know, the more you love, and by loving more, the more you enjoy."

-St. Catherine of Siena

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