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Marla is new to the Pittsburgh area, having originally lived and grown up in the Midwest. From the minute she moved here, she couldn't stop exploring the history and culture of this unique town. She quickly fell in love with the people, food, arts, and history of Pittsburgh.   

Food and cooking have always been a passion for Marla. No matter what she was doing in life, she always found an excuse to take a cooking class, try a new recipe, or discover a new restaurant. Having the opportunity to combine her love of food with her love of Pittsburgh as a Burgh Bits & Bites tour guide is the perfect scenario for her.

Marla spent many years working in the restaurant industry, but her most recent talents include finding unique and exciting meals that her family will eat!!  Marla, her husband John, and their 3 kids currently live in the Fox Chapel area.

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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